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Sectors that have touched ALO


Health is an important concern for each individual. Health for people not for patients alone is how we present the objective of healthcare. Breaking barriers and creating effective awareness through compassionate communication and reaching out to a larger community to participate in keeping healthy. Individual health problems can be traumatic for patients and their families, the role of medical caregivers in imparting not only treatment but a seamless experience that unburdens their stress and lets them focus on the individual care of their loved one. Informing and educating patients and communities on healthcare.Fostering ethical standards and building a healthy community through creative ideas and ensuring maximum penetration


Technology is the most changing innovation in the market today. Change is definite and ever evolving. Engaging consumers to participate in the world of this changing technology is the core direction that we highlight. Leading companies through technological marketing are most exciting. Rethinking and giving them a different shape with user-friendly utility driven communication, we cater to each individual needs. We create the need for ownership of technology and empower their everyday existence.

Our Market Reach:
Technology has placed the power in the consumer’s hand. With latest version in technology being available in a period as short as six months, consumers are more updated and smart. Consumer expectation has grown like wildfire. Accessibility has largely increased thanks to new communication tools. Social media is a powerful platform that connects consumers with manufactures. Generating information, communicating with the consumers and building relationships that last, is how we use technology to sell technology.

Product Research:
Technology has bridged the gap between consumers and businesses making them more vulnerable. Positive comments increase the potential of the products and negative comments can ruin the product reputation. Technology brings immediate feedbacks from consumers therefore now testing a product's sustainability becomes simple. However, a lot depends on presentation, information and reaching out to the right market. A thorough investigation and market research create more planned campaigns that directly hit consumers with positive impacts.

Fashion and Beauty

Fashion and beauty products for both men and woman have now assumed expressions of personal identity. We enhance this personal experience by personifying it with larger than life situations and fitting people in roles that resemble their day to day activities, bringing poise, confidence, and style in their life. Working with top brands in the beauty and fashion industry and showcasing their best products through various channels and increasing reach by adding dollops to an individual’s self-esteem, social acceptance, and joy and happiness are what make our creatives so perfect despite several natural imperfections.

Products of personal identity
Creating a conscious generation that takes care of personal well-being which includes skin health. Your body and skin are a window to your inner health. The health inside is expressed with a robust glow on the outside. Eat well for a beautiful skin, use natural products to let nature do its bit to your skin. Encouraging both men and woman to develop healthy and responsible habits through informative posts that build their confidence and expresses their innate beauty.
Everyday experiences
Enhancing everyday experiences and relating them to beauty, citing established examples of achievers in their own fields, or people standing for some cause rather than celebrities, make a greater impact on people. Being able to relate to an image and product makes a huge impact on consumer behavior. With stories, messages and video clips we engage people in believing in themselves through a beauty product. Stirring meaningful interactions with consumers and involving them in close and personal product-related conversations, fostering long-term relationships with tips and guidance, strengthens the value of the product.


Creating that ‘wow’ factor with an easy to load website, seamless navigation, neat interfaces, understanding customer choice and helping with quick references, taking them to the niche racks that match their tastes, offering high visual appeal to shoppers with the ability to zoom in and see multiple angles and views of products. An engaging experience that keeps them on the site for hours is what we strive to offer. With maximum facilities packed in the simplest models, making shopping seem lifelike without having to visit a store is something we strive to establish.

Customers only see the façade and we make sure that the most fluid interactions are achieved through mobile, desktop and other physical channels. With abundant information and precision, we make shopping a pleasurable experience. We also lay emphasis on customer reviews as there’s where one hears the candid voice of the customer.

Unique experience:
We offer the maximum option customers require for making their purchase a success. We offer immediate shopping assistance with our online chat support. If the customer continues to face problems, our customer support team reaches out to the phone or a personal chat window. Our visuals are lifelike with very high-resolution images and delivered items reach customers with a unique touch. There is a unique option to personalize gifts with messages, which makes the experience so exciting.

Data-Driven Research:
its an important factor in propelling online retail forward. Online retailers need access to this data and a clear strategy to make it actionable and impactful. We suggest companies use the best data-driven tool to take their business forward. Our technical team offers every assistance in data capturing and conversion to make the business stronger.


Infusing the pleasures of taste, smell, sight, texture into sensual visual appeal and drawing both psychological and emotional cravings through various forms of attractive displays is how we plan our campaigns.

Planning and development
A food campaign becomes especially exciting as it involves a large section of a population which include wholesalers, grocery retailers and restaurants all directed to consumers. Campaigns and posts lead the thought process from one to another and new advertising strategies inspired by the former initiate dynamic campaigns and brighten the canvas of our portfolio.
Research and identification
Creating a brand vision, logos, digital content and sourcing them through time-tested tight marketing plans is how we plan these campaigns. Understanding the client’s product requirement and the target market is the prime source of creative inception. Driven by data and thorough market research we judge the scope of the product and plan the journey of the creative.
Inclusive Strategies
Finding a place in the mind of the audience can be difficult but once there, you are already 60% ahead. Keeping that place is most important and then taking it further through more persuasive campaigns is indeed enjoyable and also challenging. We love to take up these challenges and with a keen eye for details, we keep interacting with the market through subtle but invasive moves in our campaign and determine the consumer preference.

Real Estate

Inventive ideas in real estate marketing and working with the best minds in the business makes our journey so gratifying and exceptional. Marking the online presence of the real estate company through persuasive campaigns that eventually lead to selling is how we plan out real estate projects. Helping employers to improve their website, improving the overall speed of the site, making it easy to navigate, working on the quality of the content and attracting with sharp photos. Being active on social media and planning other ads according to the budget of the employee makes an effective difference to the business.

Offering latest options
Offering the latest in technology to showcase the property depending on the budget. It could be 3D walkthroughs, VR or Matterport 3D camera; we bring out the actual depth of the property to give the real picture. Through high-resolution images and persuasive messaging, we make sure that buyers get the real impression of the property they are investing into.

A well balanced research
Understanding the market is most important. Getting an in-depth study on the target section, following their taste and budget are pervading factors that influence the making of these ads. A thorough research and knowledge of the market are made by our team of experts and after a balanced evaluation, projects are formulated and presented to employers.


Aligning brands with topic and issues that matter to customers, creating content that relates to the product, keeping a keen eye on competitors and ensuring that branded products reach the baskets, is how we plan our FMCG creative works, advertising, marketing campaigns, and videos. Starting from store placement and attractive product packaging, we work out a sale-based attribution model with a complete insight on product sale. Our marketing activities are related to product sale. Instead of moving the board to large demographics we emphasize on personalizing creatives to individual consumers based on their likelihood to purchase.

Marketing, research and business growth
Collecting purchase data from FMCG's to track their trend. However, in most cases, there are limitations as many companies are only able to offer small consumer samples. We try to launch solutions to plug these gaps by making opaque modeling and assumptions and set improved plans for FMCGs to roll out better data management plans that track purchase behavior for future reference. Sales based measurements are the fundamental inputs in media planning. We also assist employers in setting up effective DSPs for purchase based optimization.